Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport

ASAPES has signed a Memorandum with Charles University

Dr. Tahmina Taghi-zada, MD, PhD, vice-rector for education and scientific affairs of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sports (ASAPES) and director of the "Physical education and rehabilitation in sports" program of ASAPES, Roman Jahoda are in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in order to strengthen the potential of international cooperation and expand mutual relations with foreign higher education institutions.

During the visit, at the meeting held at the Charles University of this country, vice-rector Tahmina Taghi-zada and the director of the "Physical education and rehabilitation in sports" program of ASAPES, Roman Jahoda, gave detailed information about the program implemented at the Academy. In order to further expand relations in the field of mutual academic exchange and scientific cooperation, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ASAPES and Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Charles University.

The memorandum was signed by the vice-rector of ASAPES, Tahmina Taghi-zada, and the general secretary Radim Zelenka. The director of the Physiotherapy Education Program, Roman Jahoda and Lenka Henebergova, the vice-dean for Internationalisation, with Tereza Novakova, the head of Department of Physiotherapy of the faculty attended the meeting.

According to the document, which will cover 3 directions, the parties will carry out teacher and student exchange, as well as joint research program and activities for cooperation in the field of physiotherapy at the undergraduate level.

According to the agreement reached, the 1st exchange trip with practical seminars will take place in ASAPES at the end of April of this year. Program director Tereza Novakova will hold educational sessions on child rehabilitation in our capital as the first step of a long-term project.

In addition, ASAPES officials also held a meeting with Daniel Opelik, a member of the dean´s board from Department of Sports Management of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University, and Josef Voracek, a member of the Department of Sports Management, in the field of sports management. During the meeting, various areas of cooperation were discussed, including the possibility of creating a dual diploma program.

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